A Letter of Extended Hands

Dear Friend,

There are some things I prefer to keep to myself—like my age—but there is something more significant that I am compelled to share. This letter is like my hands extended, holding my words for you that could be of great benefit…perhaps an intervention into your dailyness and possibly a personal challenge.

Jim and I experienced a dramatic course change in our lives because of Retreat at Hidden Treasure. We went for a Couples Life Plan at the Retreat three years ago because we were anticipating an empty nest and…change. We honestly did not know what we wanted nor what could be different. After all, we had been married for over thirty years with 3 kids and 3 grandkids at the time. What we walked away with were affirmations of our unique designs, a fresh look at God’s involvement in our lives at every stage, and a plan to move forward with renewed hope in the ‘What Next’. The internal shifts in thinking that began that weekend have been life-altering. How could I not share the Retreat at Hidden Treasure with others?

Because I believe in the Retreat at Hidden Treasure, I serve on the Board of this small non-profit. And there are a few things I would like to bring to your attention for your consideration. This past year, Retreat was privileged to have a number of individuals, couples and ministry leaders as Life Coaching and/or LifePlan Retreat clients. That experience gave them a new appreciation of the reality in which Christians live:

  • Buried under the tyranny of the urgent
  • Unsure of their calling or have a need for renewal of their calling
  • Experiencing marriage as an energy drain instead of an energy source because their spouse has no individual mission focus and/or they lack a common vision as a couple
  • Missing essential skills to respond in constructive ways to today’s problematic climate

This picture saddens our hearts. We feel we can and should make a difference in the lives of those with whom God intersects us. In fact, that is exactly what He’s called The Retreat at Hidden Treasure to do!

So in response, The Retreat at Hidden Treasure has pulled together new resources and methods to come alongside people wanting something more for their lives, their relationships, their mission. If you are not personally interested in these services, think of your family members, relatives, or friends that might benefit. This would also be a great gift for adult children who are single and looking for direction, or married and desire to live strategically!

However, Ron and Geri Swingle have learned that they cannot advance their ministry alone. Therefore, Jim and I have financially partnered with this ministry to get the word out. We have experienced and believe in what they do! And we want to share about their new incentives for new partners. Kind of interesting to think of these incentives like a monthly payment plan for life coaching/life plan services you want for yourself, or to gift to others. (See below)

Thanks for allowing me to share what has proven a pivotal experience in our lives. If you would like to know more, Ron and Geri Swingle, co-founders of Retreat at Hidden Treasure, would be happy to answer any of your questions about how they could meet your needs. mailto: info@retreatathiddentreasure.com.

Or, to become a financial partner, please use this link: Become a Financial Partner.

Your friends,
Julie and Jim


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