Penny’s Story – My Experience in Becoming a Christian Life Coach

One very important service of The Retreat at Hidden Treasure is training and certifying others to become Christian Life Coaches. Part of our mission is to equip others and we feel very privileged to play such a key role in not only the coach’s life, but in those whom he or she touches in their own ministry. Prospective students are always wondering what the training and certifying experience is like. Click on the video below to listen from... Read More

Retrospective Clarity

In thinking about a turning point to share, my thoughts traveled back to 2006. This was a challenging time for me personally; vulnerability and self doubts ruled my world. I had committed to walking with the Lord, delving into His word in various Bible studies, and believing I had strong faith in Him. Still, my broad view focused on me rather than Him. For many years I felt that I had to be more of this, or better at that, or “just like that... Read More


When I arrived in Durango two years ago I thought I knew who I was and the direction I was going in.  One of the first things I had the privilege of doing with my employer is the Life Call Assessment. What an amazing experience it was!  There was nothing on the assessment that caught me completely by surprise, it was more of a confirmation of things that I have known all along but was afraid to break into. Since the assessment, I have been... Read More

To walk with Him

I’ve been a christian for 37 years, having sat at the kitchen table with my Dad as a young girl, I asked Jesus into my heart.  I’ve tried to live a good christian life; reading His word, praying, going to church, worshipping Him, bearing fruit, etc. About a year and a half ago, my “AHA” moment happened.  I could almost feel the Father’s loving hands holding my face, as He began to open the eyes of... Read More

Shear Genius …..

Recently, I took Living The Life You Were Meant To Live , by Tom Paterson, from a shelf above my desk. As I flipped through pages, I thought about how I was made aware of the book and introduced to the idea of life planning processes and life coaching by Katie Brazelton, author, speaker, and founder of Life Purpose Coaching Centers International.  Six years have passed since I read the book cover-to-cover, but the numerous underlined sentences... Read More