LifePlans: FAQs

There is a decision point related to the pursuit of your calling. Should you or shouldn’t you? But once you decide, “yes, there’s more to life than just this”, you need to plug into a process that will get you there. That is where The Retreat at Hidden Treasure (R@HT), a Colorado-based non-profit, comes in. R@HT offers LifePlan programs designed to help you discover... Read More

What is a Life Calling?

A “Life Calling” is a mission, a purpose, a destiny. It is the thing in life that you are uniquely made to do. It is at the intersection of your strengths, your passions, how you have been shaped by your life experiences, and God’s will for your life.  

Are Life Callings Biblical?

If you subscribe to a biblical world-view, you probably already have an intuitive sense of God’s intentionality in His creation.  We are made for a purpose!  The Bible is full of accounts of normal, everyday people that God calls and uses to further His master plan.  Biblical Characters Who Were Called: There are many examples of people, from all walks of life, who were... Read More

Does Everyone Get A Life Calling?

A lot of people think being “called” is reserved for pastors, rabbi’s, missionaries, etc. Is a “calling” only meant for religious leaders? No, anyone can be “called”, if they want it (we have free will so it’s not forced on us). Here is some of my reasoning: From a biblical perspective, God is no respecter of persons – and His grace is available to everyone. As... Read More

How Does Someone Get “Called”?

Sometimes, our expectations on how getting “called” should happen can become the very obstacle to hearing it. Calls come through a variety of methods. Here are some biblical examples taken from Tony Stoltfus’ book, The Calling Journey: Supernatural (Paul) Word from another leader (David) Being drawn to a need (Moses) Family inheritance (Isaac and Jacob) Recruitment to a mission... Read More