Our Story

Our story is our most personal testimonial to the power of creating a strategic plan for your life and then walking it out. For the first 20+ years of our life together, Ron and I (Geri), not unlike most young families, formed our priorities around one central goal: raising our 2 kids and having real relationship with them and each other. To think about creating a plan for our lives didn’t occur to us back then because the immediacy of providing and parenting created the framework of our days without intentionality. But we did have a mission: To reflect our values and beliefs in how we did life – through our marriage, our parenting, our other relationships and our contributions – in hopes that we could be an encouragement to the marriages and families who crossed our paths.

So what changed to cause us to see the need for a LifePlan? In a phrase: a change of life seasons. Once our children grew up and left to create their own lives, we were somewhat mission-less. The tremendous amount of energy that had been going into nurturing and raising a family needed a new outlet – for me, Ron and us. And so the adventure began…

Here comes the exciting part. Who we were to become had been being formed in us all along! So that once we became ready to engage in the discovery process, the pieces of the puzzle started coming together. First, we each arrived at our own personal intersection of our passions and giftings, followed by the discovery of our intersection as a couple. With Ron coming from the world of management consulting, and I from the sphere of personal training/coaching, what our “intersection” looked like is Life Coaching: helping others discover their “sweet spot” through coaching and facilitating to excel beyond their own limitations.

Now with a new mission and a rekindled fire, we set out to walk in this dream or vision. This included moving our lives across the country, from our birthplace in Ohio to Durango, Colorado, leaving behind everything and everyone that was known or comfortable to us. And we have been “working the vision” every day since. The cost has been everything – literally. But the rewards have been priceless: seeing real positive change in people’s lives as we help them discover their “sweet spot” and create a plan to live in it. Our joy is full when we are living out our passion to help others discover and embrace theirs.

We are both joyfully expectant and soberly realistic about what the future holds for us. But regardless of the costs, there is no turning back for us. For we know intimately what it is to experience the authentic joy and fulfillment of living out of your strengths in a place where your heart comes alive!