Pass on the Passion

by Jennifer Keeton

I was driving home this week and discovered that my favorite Christian radio station was involved in a “share-a-thon” fundraising program. They do this a couple times a year to help cover their expenses for the year. I often feel guilty that I don’t call in right away and pledge my support. I enjoy the station and I am thankful that I have the opportunity to listen to good, clean, wholesome music on my way to work and back. Luckily for me there are plenty of people that donate to this radio station to keep it operating so I can benefit. During the “share a thon” there are many testimonies of those who give of their hard earned money. Some of these stories will break your heart and bring a tear to your eye. These listeners had nowhere to turn for hope, are looking for answers to the big questions in life, or are struggling with a specific issue. They hear a message through a song and it provides inspiration and points them to the One who can help. In turn they want to bless others by supporting the radio station that brought that message to them.

I am very blessed by Christian music – it is an incredible ministry led by talented people using their gifts to further the kingdom of God. I am fortunate that they have followed their passion to reach others through this gift. Sometimes the only time I really feel like I hear God speaking is through a specific song. I know I am not the only one who feels this way because year after year the great Christian stations keep being funded to operate.

What are you most passionate about? I am passionate about Christian music. This is a difficult question to answer if you had to pick just one thing. My top items would include my family: spending time with them, watching my kids develop and grown, and loving each moment we have together. Believe it or not, I am also passionate about my job. I love the company I work for and, on most days, the work that I do. In addition to that I would list my home, my friends, my books, and my pets. Each of these things has a place in my life and I love them dearly. Most of all I am passionate about God – my savior – my Jesus. It is sometimes hard to put into words just how I feel. I am thankful that God knows even when I cannot express it. My passion for God goes beyond all circumstances, feelings and even reason. I know that I am complete because I belong to him.

Because I love God I want to serve Him. Discerning how I could do that to the best of my ability involved a discovery process. Each one of us has been given a unique personality and set of gifts that we must use to God’s glory. Getting to that place can be a challenge because often we don’t have the right guidance or discipline to know how God wants to use us. For me it took many years of trial and error to really understand the purpose that He has for me and what gifts I have been given. I struggled to understand and embrace the person God made me to be. I wanted to be different, someone who was happier, more patient, more outgoing… a more fulfilling life than I was experiencing.

Thankfully several years ago I discovered someone who helped to guide me further down the path of discovery and helped make sense of what gifts God had given me. For that reason I am passionate about Christian Life Coaching, and specifically, the Retreat at Hidden Treasure. Much like those who find hope in a song or a message on the Christian Radio station, I dialed into a specific process called Christian Life Coaching that helped me journey down the pathway to my unique purpose and contribution. This ministry is for those who want to discover how God made them, celebrate the unique set of gifts that we were blessed with, and prayerfully find where God wants them to offer those gifts. This was a difficult concept for me to fully ingest and took several years of wisdom and encouragement from my mentor and coach, Geri Swingle.

We first explored my background, experience, expectations and personality traits. This process showed me a picture of who I am and what God has been doing throughout my life to mold me into a vessel for His use. The most important part of this life coaching process for me has been the repeated reinforcement of what I am learning from God. Geri would put into words the very things I need to better understand and trust in. Below is a sample of a list that came back to me after one of our sessions:

Pull from your “storehouse” to calm yourself and renew your mind when panic or confusion or fear wants to come in – continually reminding yourself of some of God’s promises:

• That He will never leave you nor forsake you.
• That when we ask for His wisdom, He gives it liberally.
• That whoever seeks Him shall find Him.
• That He has a plan for your life – to prosper you and not to harm you.
• That those who wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength.
• That it is not by might nor by power, but by His spirit.
• That He cares about everything that concerns you – big and small…..

Finding a place where my faith is encouraged, validated and strengthened gave me exactly what I needed to move forward and stay strong in the Lord. I made several difficult decisions as well while meeting over the years with Geri – I don’t think I would have been able to do that successfully without this experience. The mentoring process has given me a framework to discuss my heart with God and then clearly hear what he desires I do. This is a priceless gift and why I am passionate about the ministry of the Retreat at Hidden Treasure. In fact, in 2012 I joined Retreat at Hidden Treasure’s Board and am excited about this outlet for offering my strengths to help grow this important God work.

I could go on but I wanted to just share a small sample of what I have experienced in hopes that others will join me in this passion. I encourage you to experience it first hand and then you will understand why I, like those who support my radio station, have pledged my support to keep this ministry moving forward to build-up and equip others to move into the life calling that God has for them.

Something to consider if you are interested in experiencing some of what Retreat at Hidden Treasure has to offer: The current fundraising campaign offers incentives of receiving their services for FREE in exchange for becoming a monthly donor!

Donation Incentive
$25 per month => Two 60-minute Coaching sessions ($200 value)
$50 per month => Individual Strength Assessment & debrief ($200 value)
$100 per month => Married Couple’s Joint Strength Assessment & debrief ($500 value)
$250 per month => Individual Colorado LifePlan Retreat – travel not included ($1800 value)

And, these incentives will be offered in the form of a gift certificate, which you can give it to someone else if you choose. If you are not personally interested in these services, think of your family members, relatives, or friends that might benefit. For more information on the Retreat at Hidden Treasure and descriptions of these services, please use this link to visit the website. Ron and Geri would be happy to talk with you about Life Planning Retreats, Strength Assessments and Coaching Opportunities:

To become a financial partner of this ministry, please use this link:

Become a Financial Partner

It is time to invest in you. Life is too short to just exist. Dare to move from being frustrated or fragmented to being totally focused. Don’t just live day-to-day – move towards something significant.

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