Retrospective Clarity

In thinking about a turning point to share, my thoughts traveled back to 2006. This was a challenging time for me personally; vulnerability and self doubts ruled my world. I had committed to walking with the Lord, delving into His word in various Bible studies, and believing I had strong faith in Him. Still, my broad view focused on me rather than Him. For many years I felt that I had to be more of this, or better at that, or “just like that person” to be significant. God... Read More


When I arrived in Durango two years ago I thought I knew who I was and the direction I was going in.  One of the first things I had the privilege of doing with my employer is the Life Call Assessment. What an amazing experience it was!  There was nothing on the assessment that caught me completely by surprise, it was more of a confirmation of things that I have known all along but was afraid to break into. Since the assessment, I have been more confident that the thoughts... Read More

To walk with Him

I’ve been a christian for 37 years, having sat at the kitchen table with my Dad as a young girl, I asked Jesus into my heart.  I’ve tried to live a good christian life; reading His word, praying, going to church, worshipping Him, bearing fruit, etc. About a year and a half ago, my “AHA” moment happened.  I could almost feel the Father’s loving hands holding my face, as He began to open the eyes of my heart.  I had been doing... Read More

Shear Genius …..

Recently, I took Living The Life You Were Meant To Live , by Tom Paterson, from a shelf above my desk. As I flipped through pages, I thought about how I was made aware of the book and introduced to the idea of life planning processes and life coaching by Katie Brazelton, author, speaker, and founder of Life Purpose Coaching Centers International.  Six years have passed since I read the book cover-to-cover, but the numerous underlined sentences and margins filled with notes... Read More

Good Stuff . . . the next Phase

The following post may be beyond the scope of this blog, but it is fresh and may resonate with some of the readers.   For years I had hidden behind a veil that made it very difficult for people to see who I really was.   This may in part have been the reason I suffered regular bouts of depression and from two failed marriages.  Whether the depression was a result of the cover or vice versa may not be clear, but later I would start to see a connection. ... Read More

Brown Sugar

Two years ago I was sitting in a church staff meeting, heart-weary, mind-numb and full of angst. With a robust list waiting back at my desk, I recall struggling to stay plugged into the meeting. Then our campus pastor, who was facilitating, began to share a personal story. A man with an intense morning coffee ritual he told of how he became completely undone one particular morning when he couldn’t locate the container of raw brown sugar. Frustrated that it had been moved,... Read More

Mike’s Moment

My AHA moment was the day I played the “Match Game”. I began to match my gifts, talents, life experiences and passions with the activities I had chosen to be involved in and noticed several activities did not match up well at all, AHA.  I gradually realligned my time investments with my gifts, experiences and passions resulting in improved effectiveness and greater satisfaction.  Utilizing RAHT’s assessment tools with Ron and Geri’s expertise... Read More

LifePlans: FAQs

There is a decision point related to the pursuit of your calling. Should you or shouldn’t you? But once you decide, “yes, there’s more to life than just this”, you need to plug into a process that will get you there. That is where The Retreat at Hidden Treasure (R@HT), a Colorado-based non-profit, comes in. R@HT offers LifePlan programs designed to help you discover and fulfill your life calling. A LifePlan is a strategic plan for your life. It defines your personal... Read More

My “AHA” Moment

I was attending my first Life Purpose Coaching Training Conference in Laguna Beach, California. It was the last day of the conference and Dr.Katie Brazelton (the founder) was asking each of us to take the mic and share something about the impact of those 5 days. What came out of my mouth when the mic was before me was such a moment of stunning clarity– where the actual words and concept sound so simple to anyone else but the speaker; and yet, inside of the speaker, the... Read More

What is a Life Calling?

A “Life Calling” is a mission, a purpose, a destiny. It is the thing in life that you are uniquely made to do. It is at the intersection of your strengths, your passions, how you have been shaped by your life experiences, and God’s will for your life.