The Call

The Calltm is a “whole-person”, comprehensive assessment to help you make wiser choices about your education, your career and your life purpose. The Calltm includes 2 comprehensive reports full of valuable insights into your God-given talents, abilities, interests, gifts and strengths. Your personalized reports provide a mountain of useful information, measuring 7 motivational gifts, 9 major personality and behavior traits, 6 major occupational interest groups and 5 dynamics of your thinking style. They also shows your closest matches with jobs in 22 different industry categories. Plus, the reports provide you with ministry-specific careers not available with many other popular career assessments. 

A Video Testimony


Wondering what taking The Calltm is really like? Watch Nate and Erin’s video where they talk candidly about their experience in taking The Calltm individually, and as a married couple. (This is not a 30-second marketing splash; rather, it’s a 12-minute discussion of what it really was like!)

Example Reports


Sample Report #1


 Sample Report #2


For Married Couples


The Calltm helps you identify:


 – Your Motivational Gifts 

 – Your Thinking Style 

 – Your Personality And Behavioral Traits 

 – Your Occupational Interests                  

 – Your Job Fit In Ministry Positions 

 – Your O*NET Job Fit Matches With Common Occupations

The Calltm is designed for:











Life Planners


High School 



Life Purpose 




Job Seekers 





Career Planning 




Career Changers 



Continuing Education 


 Team Building 







Grad Studies 


Relationship Counseling 


        * Recommend 16 years or older 

What does The Calltm cost?


The Calltm costs $199 and includes your personalized report (after your completion of an online questionnaire which takes about 90 minutes) PLUS a 90-minute private phone debriefing session with a certified life coach.

For married couples, The Calltm costs $499 and includes 2 individual Call’s plus a 1-hour private couple’s debrief session.